The Power of visibility

Small Business Marketing

How well-known is your business to your target market?

Visibility b: the capability of being readily noticed (

You may have a great product and/or service offering, you may even already have a very good reputation but poor visibility will ultimately render a paralyzing blow to your brand in the long run.

A strong brand = good reputation + great visibility.

The importance of having the “capability of being readily noticed” as a growing small business cannot be overstated. An important part of building a strong brand is: increasing the visibility of your business within your target market – this is the process of communicating your “good” reputation and how you can add value to your target market. This must be done effectively for better results.

Growing your small business is already as hard as it is due to flooded markets and various other factors; even more so if your business goes “unnoticed”.

Important questions to ask about your business:

  1. Is my business widely known to my target market?
  2. Are they aware of my reputation?

There are various ways to increase visibility in the marketplace namely:

Getting a website; as obvious as this may seem there are still many small businesses operating without a website. A website is the most basic way of entering the online “scene” and creating an online presence for your brand. Simply put, make it easier for your target market to “notice” you. There are many service providers and vendors that have simplified the process of web design/development. What was once a “treacherous’” and time-consuming journey through the Web Designer wilderness has now become as easy as a click of a button.

Take advantage of online advertising. This is tremendously advantageous for the growing small business due to the various platform available and access to the communities on these platforms.

Intensify your activity on social media. Create and share good content that relates to your products and/or services, how you can add value to your target market and how you have added value in the past(Testimonies). The old saying that information is power also applies to the process of increasing your visibility by empowering your target market with helpful information.

Applying yourself by developing your brand visibility is an investment. Take your time, maintain consistency and BE SEEN!