The Power of A Brand

Small Business Branding

In order to truly understand the power and value of a brand as a small business owner, you have to move away from the misconception that your corporate identity is your brand.

Your company logo, slogan and other such visual elements only help communicate your brand, but they are not your brand.

So what is your brand?

Your brand is the sum total of the perceived value (reputation) and reach (visibility) your small business has in the mind of consumers. If consumers are unable to understand or perceive the value your business has then frankly you have no brand, even more so with reach. If your small business holds great value but no reach, or is not visible than your brand is at a disadvantage.

So as a growing small business, to achieve your next level you need to re-examine your brand; a great place to start is to answer the following questions:

  1. Do we have a brand?
  2. Have we clearly and effectively defined the value we bring to our consumers?
  3. Who are our consumers?
  4. Do they know about us and the value we have to offer them?
  5. Compared to our competitors is the value we offer so distinct that our consumers are able to clearly know and understand the difference?

Once you start by honestly reflecting on these questions as a small business and provide honest answers they will place you on the road to Brand Discovery. You will then unlock the power to create true brand value and this is a great place to start if you're planning to build for the long run and not just for today.

Written by Logan Jacobs

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